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Solar Power
The sun supplies a tremendous amount of free energy. We can help you take advantage of this free, infinite source of power through technologies such as solar photovoltaics, solar pumping, solar thermal, and solar lighting. No matter what your energy demands, we can professionally design and install a system that is reliable, safe and that makes good financial sense. 
Solar Water Heaters

The Carbon Dioxide used in Conventional Water Heaters on an annual basis in North America is just about equal to the Carbon Dioxide produced by all of the cars and light trucks in Canada and the United States combined.  Solar Hot Water Heaters not only eliminate more than half of that Carbon Dioxide emission, but they also save home and business owners money on utilities.

Energy Audits

With rising energy bills, more and more people are realizing that the best way to improve their existing buildings is to have a AEC technician perform an energy audit. This comprehensive audit examines the entire building—top to bottom—to identify the “whole house” approach to saving energy and improving performance.

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